Happy Holidays!

The holidays are here and we have been busy preparing custom genealogy charts for our customers for Christmas presents. Creating these charts is a lot of fun and provides an opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of each family’s history. It seems we are always discovering something unexpected during our research that is very exciting to the family along with confirming long held family stories that have been passed down through the generations. Recently we discovered links to William I the Conqueror through the Dudley line, Alfred the Great through the Clerke line, a relation to George Washington through the Ball line as well as a relation to John Deere through the Lamb line. Not to mention the immigration records, town settlers, soldier records, involvement in the town, real estate holdings, and individual’s professions. We pride ourselves on accurately sourcing our findings so that we know they are authentic. The end result of the chart is aesthetically pleasing showing the ancestry, stories, biographies and images resulting in a happy customer.

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