Whether you are stuck on one ancestor or are looking to fill out your family tree, our professional genealogists can help.

Our professional genealogists have expertise and knowledge of available genealogy records worldwide to provide you with trusted personalized genealogy research services to discover your family history and ancestors. In addition to discovering your ancestors, we research the historic and geographic context of where they lived to bring your ancestors to life.

Your Family History…with thoroughly documented research.

We specialize in providing professional genealogy services and in assisting you with in-depth, factual research for your ancestors and family ancestry genealogy.

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“Can you trace my family tree?” Yes we can.

Our professional genealogy firm adheres to “The Genealogical Proof Standard;” our genealogical research for your family tree is documented and authentic. We provide at least one citation for each genealogy research finding when tracing your family tree. Learn more about our research process.

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Combining Genealogy Research and Charts

Unlike any other professional genealogists, we merge the science of genealogy research with heirloom quality genealogy charts that depict your family ancestry. Our clients are thrilled with our genealogy services and custom family trees: read some of our clients’ testimonials.

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Harriet Misterly

"We always wondered about our family history and thanks to Melick Genealogists we now know our lineage. We had believed our family had emigrated from England, however after leaving England our family first lived in Sicily prior to arriving in America. I can only imagine the expertise that was required to track that path!"