Missing Heirs and Beneficiaries Located

cta-missingheirs-newMissing Heirs & Lost Family Members

You need estate research if:

  • Estate or Trust distribution is delayed due to missing beneficiaries.
  • Proof of Heirship is required.
  • Due diligence search is required for affidavit proof of distributees and/or of family tree.
  • You need the location of missing heirs, lost beneficiaries, legatees, share holders, pension plan recipients, former property owners and estranged family members.

Estate & Probate Research Services

Melick Genealogists’ experienced forensic investigators and professional genealogists have the time tested skills required to conduct exhaustive searches to locate missing  heirs and beneficiaries worldwide.

We possess extensive experience in missing heirs investigation and compiling admissible evidence for use as court exhibits, the preparation of affidavits, and proof of compliance with due diligence requirements. You can rely on our dedicated professional genealogists and investigators whose accuracy and professionalism comes from our vast experience in finding lost heirs.

The Costs of Tracing Missing Heirs

We have reasonable and non-percentage based fee structures to accommodate your needs. The price for tracing the missing heirs may be based on an hourly or fixed fee basis. Once you approve our free quotation we will begin work tracing your heirs immediately.

We will keep you informed as we progress in finding your lost heirs. During this process, we encourage you to contact us if you think of other information that may help us find missing heirs or assist our estate research. We will notify you immediately when the missing heirs are found or located and the investigation is closed.