Heirloom-Quality Family Trees & Charts

A genealogy basic family tree chart or family tree chart with photos records and illustrates your family’s lineage and ancestry. Melick Genealogists can help you research your family tree genealogical history and create a detailed, keepsake chart of your family history.

Let us provide you with custom heirloom quality family tree charts. Please contact us for ancestry family tree charts, family tree charts with photos or genealogy charts depicting your family history. We offer a variety of family tree charts; samples of charts are showcased below.

Unlike any other professional genealogists in the world, we merge the science of genealogical research with heirloom quality family tree charts depicting your genealogy and family history.

Family History Chart

Custom Family Tree

Genealogy Family Tree

Professional Genealogy Chart Gifts

Genealogical research can be an amazing gift to yourself and your family members. Knowing your family history and bringing it alive in family tree charts is one of the great joys of professional genealogy. Beyond that, we specialize in taking your family history and transforming it into beautiful professional genealogy family tree charts that are a visual summary of the genealogy research we do for you.

Family Tree Examples

Genealogy Pedigree Chart

Genealogy Pedigree ChartVertical family tree chart depicting paternal and maternal lineage.

Bow Tie Family Tree Chart

Family Tree ExampleBow tie family tree chart depicting the paternal and maternal ancestors with their vital statistics and a photograph of the family.

Descendant Chart

Family Tree GiftDescendant family tree chart depicting descendants, with vital statistics of an ancient ancestor including a timeline from the 15th century to present for historical reference.

Genealogy Pedigree Chart

Pedigree Chart with PicturesVertical genealogy family tree chart depicting ancestors and relatives along with biographies and photos of selected family members. A family tree chart with pictures is a great way to visually diagram a family history.

Other Genealogy Pedigree Chart Ideas

A family tree chart is a great way to tell your family history. Other genealogy family tree chart ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Civil War soldiers ancestor chart,
  • Mayflower passengers,
  • Salem witches,
  • Indian War soldiers,
  • Immigrant ancestors,
  • Town founders,
  • Common migration or immigration paths,
  • Winthrop Fleet passengers,
  • War of 1812 soldiers,
  • royalty,
  • Magna Carta Sureties,
  • knights,
  • famous people who are relatives or ancestors.

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