Professional Genealogists Do Their Homework Before Visiting Large Cemeteries!

Time spent searching cemeteries for burials, as part of your genealogy research, can vary depending on the size of the cemetery and the preparation you put in prior to your visit to determine the block, lot and grave number.  To be most efficient with your time determine the grave location before you go either with online indexes or the on-site cemetery office.  Check office hours before you arrive in case you are depending on them for your burial locations.  Crown Hill Cemetery in Denver is 220 acres with 14 miles of access roads and over 170,000 burials.  Their burial records are not on-line or in an available data base, yet.  Their office staff is very friendly and helpful in providing the burial locations and they also escort you to the burial locations, which is a pleasure.  A beautiful cemetery and at one time the largest west of the Mississippi, it is also an arboretum with many champion trees that is utilized for tours.  A systematic approach is best when searching for the burial. Do one lot or row at a time so that you can be sure you did not miss what you are searching for.  You can’t get burial locations at all cemeteries so a systematic approach to searching is a must.  And be sure to check the surrounding burials that may tie into your lineages and provide you with additional genealogy research information you were not expecting!

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