“Your research brought our family history to life”

Melick Professional Genealogists brings your history to life. It doesn’t get better than Melick Professional Genealogists. My husband has always been so curious about his ancestral past and I thought what a spectacular Christmas present it would be if I could gift him with the dots he was always longing to connect. Well in short time, Chip Melick was able to unlock the rich past of my husband’s ancestral history.

Through outstanding communication and regular updates, Chip was able to develop an outstanding and comprehensive ancestral document of my husband’s family, including historical documents and photographs within record timeframes. The end product was beyond any expectation I had.

Christmas morning can’t get here quick enough. I am so excited to see his face when he starts to absorb what he has been presented with. I know it will be emotional for him, but in such a good way. Chip, a million and one thanks to you for bringing my husband’s family history to life.

P. Kerrigan – client