Genealogy Research for Sons of the American Revolution – final review

The application to S.A.R. is complete and ready for the next step which is to forward the application to the two S.A.R. sponsors for their review, comment and ultimately their sign off.  Performing the research to determine the genealogy history through our ancestor‘s birth records leading to the Revolutionary War soldier is key.  In the end this proves the ancestry of thedescendants through the sourcing of the family history and it will pay off for getting this application approved.  But first we need to get our two sponsors to sign off on our application at which point we will be ready for final submittal.  We have added a number of sources to strengthen the application regarding the proof of the lineage.  This should be well worth the effort it took to obtain this information.  Each of the last three generations are dependent on publications and we have provided four sources for each ancestor to include family genealogies, town histories and biographies that all provide a consistent family history.  We have the birth record and pension papers for the seventh generation but absent birth and death records for the fifth and sixth generations this is the next best answer.  We will keep you posted!

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