Sons of the American Revolution

We have submitted the preliminary application for review to the Colorado Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and they have been very responsive and helpful.  The application is for my fourth great grandfather William Knapp.  All of the blood lines are sourced but the big question is what is going to be acceptable proof of the blood line.  So far I have used a sole source on two of the lines from the book “Nicholas Knapp Genealogy” by Alfred A. Knapp, 1953, Winter Park, FL.  Unfortunately this publication does not have any sourcing or bibliography so it is not possible to know where the author got his information.  As supplemental sourcing I have some town and county records and am waiting on hard copies to arrive from some local voluteers willing to provide information on request.  Thanks to them it is possible to get this information relatively easily.  So the bottom line is this, if you are depending on a publication to be your sole source of proof for a blood line the book needs to include the source to the original information.  If not, then you need to add another source(s) which in this case will be cemetery and county history records.  With the submittal of the preliminary application I have been assigned two sponsors who will review and sign off on the application prior to final submittal.  For revolutionary war pension papers for your particular ancestor check out can most easily be accessed through most public libraries or the national archives.

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