Revolutionary War Ancestors

We have begun working our way through the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution approval processes in order to determine their individual submittal requirements .  The local Colorado chapter for the DAR has been extremely helpful in providing a local contact for the SAR as well as a contact for the DAR in Massachusetts.  The SAR application fee is $80 which seems very reasonable and their annual dues are $30.  We are working on the SAR application currently and it is very straight forward with their online pdf application form.  The key required documentation is proof of birth / parentage of each blood line ancestor going back to the revolutionary war ancestor.  The line are submitting initially is William Knapp and his father Justus Knapp, they both served in the revolutionary war.  This line ascends directly from our grandmother Marie Louise Knapp.  William and Justus both have ancestral numbers with the DAR with one generation of common descendants, so that should help.  Two sponsors are required for the application so we will follow up on that requirement and keep you posted as we move forward!

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