Professional Genealogists Searching Cemeteries

One of my favorite genealogy research tasks is searching cemeteries!  Be sure to know the location(s) in the cemetery you are searching.  The cemetery I visited yesterday is 45 acres and would have taken over a day to walk if I had not known the blocks and lots I needed to search.  The cemetery I searched the day before did not mark its blocks and lots, even though I knew them, but was only a couple of acres so it was easily searched.  I found the three graves I was looking for but also paid close attention to who was around them in their lot.  In one lot I found two graves but room for four more suggesting they had plans for their four children to be buried with them.  In another lot he was buried next to another couple that turned out to be his sister and brother in law, something I had not expected.  I brought my genealogy file with me and found his sister listed.  I then searched the remainder of the block in hopes of finding some other surprises but no luck.  So take off the blinders and keep an open mind regarding who else is buried near the graves you have found!

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