Professional Genealogists Announce New Genealogy Research Projects. Genealogical Research Experts.

Denver, CO – Melick Genealogists, a leader in providing genealogy research services, is pleased to announce some of their new genealogical research projects. Their professional genealogists are currently researching the family genealogies in Italy, England, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Sweden for clients in Massachusetts, England, Oregon, Colorado, and Florida. Their experienced professional genealogists and forensic investigators have the time tested skills necessary to conduct exhaustive searches to locate ancestors, missing heirs and beneficiaries worldwide.

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“As professional genealogists, we are excited to be working on these projects and researching genealogies worldwide,” explained Chip Melick, Partner with Melick Genealogists. “We continue to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with our clients to help them discover their ancestors and become aware of their family story in the historical perspective of their time.”


The professional genealogists at Melick Genealogists have had a great deal of success providing their clients with professional genealogy services and genealogy pedigree charts which are reflected in their testimonials. They have been successful due to their knowledge of the repositories around the world that provide the sought after genealogical information. Melick Genealogists develops a research plan, reviews it with their client, and keeps them informed as to their progress as they discover information and more options open up for research. Once they have completed the agreed upon research they provide research recommendations to the client for the future.


The professional genealogists at Melick Genealogists having been researching genealogy for over 16 years. Partners Chip Melick and Suzanne Stewart have 32 years of experience between them in professional genealogical research. They are skilled at genealogical research all over the United States as well as worldwide. Unlike any professional genealogists in the world, Melick Genealogists merges the science of genealogy research with heirloom quality genealogy pedigree charts to discover and depict their client’s family history.

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