Genealogy Research Records In Massachusetts

Doing genealogy research in Massachusetts provides many opportunities for free and available information for genealogy research services. Websites such as provide free indexes for vital records in all towns for genealogy research to include birth, marriage, and death that can then be researched in more detail with the local townships and jurisdictions. Due to privacy laws these records are available into the late 1800s in order to protect the privacy of those still living. Using these free indexes is a great starting point for those pursuing genealogy research. While this link provides indexes to all towns in Massachusetts, there are many instances where individual towns also make their vital record indexes available for genealogy research through websites such as for Ipswich, Massachusetts. In many instances the index will also tell you the volume and page number where the vital record can be found in that particular town so that you can follow up to determine the correct citation for these findings. Melick Genealogists has provided genealogy research in Massachusetts for hundreds of families and has direct access to vital records in Massachusetts through town records, cemetery records, church records and archives.

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