Genealogy research overseas and genealogy charts

We are currently doing genealogy research in Italy, Sweden, Norway and Scotland for three different clients.  Among other research tools, researching overseas offers a whole different set of exciting challenges from researching family history in the U.S.  We are much more dependant on the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) and the records they offer on films.  We currently have films on order for Italy, among others, for different regions all with a town called Prata.  We know the town name but not the region so we are checking three regions in hopes of discovering the link to their family history andgenealogy.  During the research process we also develop a working genealogy chart to better visually understand all of the family relationships and information discovered.  We share this chart with our clients during this process so they can better understand what we have discovered as well as our recommendations for research.  This also gives our clients the opportunity to decide on what information to include in the final family tree.  Once the research is complete we edit the chart down to its final product and deliver it to our client!

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