Genealogy Charts, A Simple Way to Tell Your Family’s Story

A basic family tree chart provides an effective way to graphically display and tell the story of your family history. I remember as a child reading a family tree chart of my maternal lineage and a book of my paternal lineage. This sparked my passion for not only genealogy research but also in creating family tree charts.

Our shared passion for genealogy research drives us to learn as much as possible about our family history while also experiencing the thrill of the chase and the rewards resulting from our hard-earned discoveries along the way. Many of us have spent years and even decades researching our family history and have an untold number of electronic and paper files, binders and folders filled with the treasures we have discovered.

These hard-earned discoveries, the result of hundreds of research hours, are tucked away and unseen by our families. We also run into brick walls along the way, and most of our genealogy research clients hire us to assist them with breaking down these brick walls in order to expand the knowledge of their family history. It is very exciting for us to be involved and assist in these research efforts because we love seeing the joy the new discoveries bring to our clients. Some of us have also inherited these records from a deceased family member who had a passion for the family history. Many of our clients also hire us to review this information for authenticity.

As a culmination of these research efforts, creating a basic family tree chart is an effective way to display a summarized version of the family history in a graphic presentation that describes the story you want to share and bring your family history to life. Examples of the stories are infinite and dependent on your family history but can include the lineage for immigrants, military service, paternal or maternal origination, colonial, regional, famous ancestor or relative, namesake, historical event, occupation, etc.

The information included in basic family tree charts can be as simple as including the ancestral names with years of birth and death. Additional information can include place of birth/marriage/death, occupation, residence, biographies, family crests, photos, and places of origin.

Melick Professional Genealogist prepares the basic family tree charts from information provided by our clients who sometimes go so far as to share their binders, files and folders with us that we can then use to create the chart. We then provide a draft of the chart for client review and comment, and then approval.

Examples of the types of the basic family tree charts provided by Melick Professional Genealogists can be seen at: All charts are customized to meet the needs of our clients.

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