California Genealogists

Melick Genealogists are experienced in California genealogy.

We are experts in gathering archives from California. You will be provided with  well-documented customized genealogy fact-finding services to discover your forebears and bloodline.

  • Our genealogists excel in helping people with detailed, factual research on their ancestry and family history.
  • We supply proof for genealogical research findings.
  • As a professional genealogy firm, we conform to “The Genealogical Proof Standard,” guaranteeing  you that our genealogical findings for your family tree are documented and authentic.
  • Are you stuck on one progenitor and that is preventing you from moving forward on your pedigree chart? Our expert genealogists will assist.

The Melick research process

  1. Prepare a research plan for California
  2. Undertake the research, which involves contacting California genealogical societies, California libraries, courthouses, archives, cemeteries, and more;
  3. Examine the research to make sure that our findings are precise and up to our rigorous standards;
  4. Reveal the findings and provide the backing documents – reports contain copies of pictures and documents & may include summations of important information;
  5. If requested, create a beautiful family history pedigree chart (family tree)

We start the work in California. We end our search when we reveal to you your family background

Providing California family history research services has been a passion in our family for generations. As professional genealogists, {help you discover|we help you discover|we assist you in discovering} your family history so that you better know where you came from by tracing your family genealogy and family’s heritage.

Lost Heirs and Beneficiaries Found from California

Our expert forensic investigators and professional genealogists have the talent to conduct full genealogy research to trace missing heirs in California. For more information about tracing California lost heirs, read our missing heirs page.

California Genealogy Resources

We have compiled a list of research links for California genealogy: