Professional Genealogists Conference in Salt Lake City

This week we are attending the National Genealogical Society’s annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah for professional genealogists providing genealogical research services. There are over 2,000 conferees in attendance, a new record. There are ten lectures to choose from in each time slot, and every conceivable genealogy research topic is covered. The ‘methodology’ series of lectures is most interesting and focuses on proper sourcing of information collected during genealogical research. It just goes to show that you can never have too many sources, and never depend on only one source. This is part of our ongong continuing education that is so important. The Family History Library is in the process of converting 3.4 billion worldwide genealogy records on 2.4 million rolls of microfilm to digital so that they can become more readily available using today’s technology. It will take ten years for the conversion with their new automated system. They have 4,400 family history centers worldwide. ‘A Celebration of Family History’ is tonight with 20,000 expected to attend. There are alot of followers in Salt Lake City!

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