Genealogy and DNA Research

Our genealogy report includes a summary and conclusion revolving around the purpose of the report. It also reviews an individual’s genealogy and includes timelines, case studies, profiles, records searched without result, an appendix, and matrixes and charts to clearly represent our findings graphically. The goal is to provide a clear and concise explanation of the information discovered and the conclusions reached.

GenealogyProfessional Genealogy Research

An individual’s genealogy is generally reported in an ahnentafel format which is a genealogical numbering system for listing a person’s direct ancestors in a fixed sequence of ascent. This system provides a chronological historical summary of a family’s ancestors and organizes the vital records, census records, residences, work history, military service, plus other pertinent information. The subject of the ahnentafel is listed as No. 1, the subject’s father as No. 2 and the mother as No. 3, the paternal grandparents as No. 4 and No. 5 and the maternal grandparents as No. 6 and No. 7, and so on, back through the generations. Apart from No. 1, who can be male or female, all even-numbered persons are male, and all odd-numbered persons are female. In this scenario, the number of any person’s father is double the person’s number, and a person’s mother is double the person’s number plus one.

Our DNA research expertise and knowledge of available DNA databases provides a new means of breaking down the conventional brick walls that we all encounter at one time or another during the research process when the search for documents has stopped producing results. Our assistance begins with helping you select the correct type of DNA test kit. Next is our analysis of these test results which are important in order to meet your research goals and objectives. DNA research results, in addition to the information gathered from DNA matches, will provide vital information to solve your family history. In addition, you will learn your place of origin and discover the path of your ancestors. You will also discover living relatives with knowledge of your family’s history and these people might have family bibles, photographs, letters, knowledge etc. that is new to you.

TimelinesGenealogy Migration Map

Timelines provide the chronology of events and, as an example, to see how one person’s information compares to another’s and to determine if there are common links.

Migration MapsGenealogy Migration Map

Migration maps provide a graphic representation of how a family or individual moved from one place to the next. This is helpful when trying to tie someone to a particular location at a particular time, and how and when others associated with the family may have interacted. We geographically trace family history.

Historical Context MapsHistoric Context Map

Historical context maps combine where someone lived within a region, historically what occurred during that time, who was living in the vicinity, and if there are regional consistencies that may allow a sound conclusion to be reached.

MatrixesGenealogy Report Matrix

A matrix chart displays and organizes data into relevant categories that are being evaluated. The matrix graphically shows whether the information has consistencies that allow for a sound conclusion to be reached. An extensive list of passengers over a number of years can define how often individuals traveled and with whom, to what port, and if those individuals had anything in common with others that may have caused them to travel together.

Case Studies and Profiles Genealogy Report Case Study Profile

Profiles compile indirect evidence collected and evaluate it with a sound conclusion. This is based on the results from creating a genealogy, understanding the historic context, and graphically visualizing and evaluating data and geography.


Copies of critical sources are included in the appendix to allow them to be viewed as part of the report.

I highly recommend Melick Genealogists…

I hired Melick Genealogists because I had hit a brick while researching my family history. I was trying to discover what happened to my great uncle who did not appear in the census or vital records, and disappeared early. They were able to research around these challenges to successfully create his profile and provide a work history that explained his circumstances. This opened up a whole new research avenue for me to pursue that has been yielding positive results. I highly recommend Melick Genealogists for their thoroughness and resourcefulness.

Patrick Rowan