Family History Gifts

If you hear a person say they wish they knew their history, a genealogy gift may be the perfect present.

Genealogy gift ideas – give the gift of family history

Genealogy gift ideas can range anywhere from providing a genealogy pedigree chart with no genealogy research, to providing genealogical research services with a family tree chart, and everything in between.

Personalized family trees: a great gift idea

Personalized Family Tree Gift

A sample of our personalized family tree gifts - hover over the image or click to zoom in!

Family tree gifts are great presents for parents, grandparents, and grown-up kids. If you’re looking for gift ideas and know that your family history is important to your dad, mom, sibling, or relative, giving¬†a personalized family tree is a great present.

Don’t know enough family history for a family tree gift? We offer genealogy gift vouchers.

We offer genealogy gift certificates!

If you want to help a family member start a genealogy project, give the gift of a gift voucher. Family history gift ideas can be hard to come up with, but with a family tree gift certificate, you’re helping your friend or relative get started on family history with a gift of genealogy.

Genealogy gifts are perfect for:

  • Grandparents
  • Parents – great gifts for dad & mom!
  • Children
  • Spouses
  • Friends
  • Co-workers

The best genealogy gifts come from people you love.

If you are considering giving a present of a family tree or tracing your family tree with a gift of genealogy research services, get a free estimate now.

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Kris Everett

"When we hired Melick Genealogists, we were simply trying to confirm some distant ancestors. They not only provided documented confirmation but also provided us with some exciting discoveries. We learned of family relations that we never imagined and one famous distant relative. We also received a pedigree chart that beautifully shows all of the family connections."